STERELA has decided, to help its development, to open the distribution of its services and to establish a worldwide network of authorized business partners.

Germany, Francophone Africa, Belgium, Brazil, China, UAE, Spain, Ghana, Mexico, Kazakhstan, Taiwan, Russia...


Sterela Business Partner
refers to an infrastructure that provides exclusive supports that will allow you to manage the market, strengthening at the same time the mutual relationship between Sterela its partners.

Joining our network of authorized business partners is an opportunity to share the benefits of deploying solutions that meet your customer expectations..

Sterela Business Partner helps you to develop key skills that are essential to evolve with the markets, particularly in terms of solutions, support services and sales advice. This approach not only ensures improved performance and competitiveness of our partners, but also opens up the prospect of new opportunities associated with high added value products.

The access to the personalized space, via "My Sterela" web-portal, provides access to marketing resources links, business and technical resources.

Three partnership profiles are possible:

- Business Provider: Generates and develops relationships between prospects / customers, Sterela and value-added resellers..

- VAR : Value Added Resaler: Conducts projects with business and technical skills, in collaboration with STERELA. The VAR is capable of performing installations, training and service of the first level, it resells applying his terms and conditions the whole or any part of the Sterela solution.

- Integrator : Includes Sterela offer into an overall larger project. The integrator will particularly draw on the expertise of Sterela or a VAR to sell and deploy the solution.