1. PREVENTIVE Maintenance

This covers all systematic or condition-based operations defined for each type of equipment with a view to preventing or reducing any alterations in order to maintain the equipment in operating condition .

2. CORRECTIVE Maintenance

This covers all operations aimed at remedying any operating problems or alterations detected during maintenance.

This type of maintenance can be extended to all hardware, systems or software .

3. ON SITE Maintenance

On site

In France or abroad

Maintenance levels 1 to 5




4. Maintenance IN WORKSHOPS



Maintaining in operational condition

Hardware/software upgrades



5. REMOTE Maintenance

It takes a high level of expertise to identify the origin of certain defects on equipment and to remedy the problems.

The remote diagnosis and technical support department provides real-time service, wherever your product is located.

Our support service ensures a rapid response time to deal with your problem efficiently.

Carrying out a remote diagnosis saves considerable time and ensures the continuation of your activity.


Monitoring of performance

Remote technical management of equipment installations


Remote operations to return equipment to the expected performance levels

Intervention of a technician if necessary

Performance reports (indicators, data gathering, and analysis.)

Customer relations ...


Remote support provided by qualified technicians

Recovery of performance levels

Video-assisted support service

Guided technical support

Specific telephone support

Remote control

Live monitoring of users as regards the use of specific functions

Remote maintenance


Reinitialisation of systems

Maintaining performance levels

Remote break-down/adjustment service

Immediate, secure interventions to carry out diagnoses

Remote control

Level 3 technical support