• Low speed
    weighing and
    industrial vehicles

    Low speed Weighing and Industrial vehicles control

    is recognized
    all over the world for its high-speed WIM solutions. Today STERELA innovates with a
    low speed weighing system designed to control vehicles and their loads at the charging site.

  • Road Weather

    Vehicle identification and tracking

    This group of
    solutions for identification and vehicle tracking are provided by our sister company


  • Traffic analysis

    Traffic analysis

    As a specialist
    in road traffic for over 30 years, STERELA offers tailored-made solutions from specific search to real-time traffic monitoring and data management. All that is possible thanks to a wide range of software utilities available on its online platform.

    STERELA also offers all associated services, engineering, installation, training and maintenance.

  • WIM weigh in motion

    WIM - Weigh In Motion

    With over 20 years of experience in engineering solutions in Weigh-In-Motion (WIM), STERELA offers an improving approach in terms of capability and performance: from statistics about traffic aggressiveness, to traffic monitoring and preselection of offending vehicles with check by the police on approved static scale, up to direct enforcement.

  • Smart-City Solutions

    Infrastructure management

    Being a significative reference
    within the road managers community, STERELA offers solutions to help you convert, resize and maintain your infrastructure.  We help you controlling risk factors such as template, transportation of hazardous materials and the respect of traffic lanes.

  • Intelligent

    Intelligent Parking Management

    assits you in all your projects, from
    parking management, to access control or parking lot guide.

    STERELA offers you tools for data analysis such as occupation beacons or parking time
    control. Also provides the means to access them using your usual interface (signage, web, smartphone).

  • Security,

    Security, flow monitoring

    The synergy
    created by the combination of STERELA and SURVISION allows us to approach the security surveillance field: detection of vehicles under surveillance, risk factors such as overloading, template and hazardous materials, the fight against fraud (gate access and toll) and access control on sensitive sites.