WEBTRAFFIC is the ITS management module by STERELA.

Using our 30 years of experience, we have developed a unique platform that meets the needs of specialists of different areas: counting, weighing, parking and weather.

This secure web application (https) has been created for professionals, is customizable and allows you to keep your working methods or to develop new ones.

Ready to update? : STERELA team accompanies and assist you in the transition from your old system to WEBTRAFFIC.

- Equipment Mapping
- Temporary and permanent traffic monitoring
- Travel time, Origin / Destination
- Traffic nature and aggressiveness
- Automatic Number Plate Reading (ANPR)
- Parking
- Meteorological data
- Real-time vehicle monitoring
- Automatic alert generation



Traffic monitoring

  • Promptly identify the traffic that flows along your routes
  • Make a traffic observatory
  • Investigate origin / destination for traffic simulations

WEBTRAFFIC allows you to easily import data from your equipment and provides you with a customizable report that meets your needs. Webtraffic goes further by offering enhanced reporting through individual measures and facilitating the access and diffusion of information.

Road operation

  • Identify ongoing traffic and the exact nature of the silhouettes
  • Follow the changing weather conditions and real-time traffic
  • Be alerted in case of a major event or equipment failure

WEBTRAFFIC allows you to automatically collect all data from your equipment. Webtraffic innovates with a dynamic visualization mapping that allows an easier access to information both for road managers or service departments. Thus, in one click you can seize the traffic conditions in real time, the meteorological parameters, and the operating status of the equipment.

Infrastructure maintenance

  • Knowing the rate of HGV and silhouettes that run on your roads
  • Automatically measure the depth index of gel
  • Knowing the number of equivalent axles to calculate the actual aggressiveness of the traffic

WEBTRAFFIC allows you to better plan your infrastructure works by centralizing information that can be critical for your business. Webtraffic offers you, for example, how to confront the actual traffic information with initially used for dimensioning the roads. Webtraffic also provides temperature curves of all pavement layers to anticipate the implementation of unfreezing barriers.

Parking Management

  • Knowing the influence of an event or a tariff policy on the use of a parking area
  • Supporting the revitalization of urban cores and shopping centers working environmental, economic and user interests
  • Fully exploit the information related to parking spaces

WEBTRAFFIC provides an easy analysis of parking times and activity. It also provides extra services to both managers and users, informing and locating the offenses and providing an online support system via smartphone for parking.

Public authority

  • Access to data to improve road safety
  • Verify compliance with traffic laws, especially the categorical speed, overloading, running days or prohibited routes
  • Access to information to better target terrestrial Controls of Goods

WEBTRAFFIC offers a comprehensive view of your network devices, whether local or national, and thins your decision cycle. Bringing you real-time accurate data, Webtraffic provides you with essential information that will help you to better plan and manage your actions on the terrain: maintenance, development or monitoring. It also gives you the means to test their effectiveness with a return of immediate experience. Webtraffic then becomes your best tool to full administer your roads and make them an international reference.



Single offer: operating solution for all road equipment, provided by STERELA or any other provider.
Ergonomics: solution designed for professionals for use with maximum comfort, safety and efficiency.
On line: 24h/24h solution available from any connected computer, without installation or previous configuration or any constraint regarding maintenance and backup.


Form: keep your work habits by customizing the data distribution.
Aim: meet the specifics of your business by specialized "individual measures" exploitation.
Library: benefit from the feedback from the user community databank to accelerate the response to your needs.
Remote Assistance: facilitate the supervision of your equipment with an online comprehensive real-time visibility of its operating status (power, communication, and sensor).


Individual measures: Quality and updating capabilities (to meet your future needs) are not restrained as opposed to aggregate measures.
Modularity: you are accompanied in your diversification to other areas of the road.
Connectivity: the information access and broadcast on current and future media is assured, through the open web architecture.


Secured Server: Redundant systems and daily automatic data backup.
Secure login: Username, password and https.
Secured Information: confidential management of public and private sensitive data (approval of the Ministry of Transport, the French police and customs, according CNIL)



Pre-configured reports download


Link to the demo site


STERELA team is here to advise and mentor you in the implementation of our solutions.
  • Do not waste your experience during the transition STERELA assures you the integration of your historical data into your future operating tool, as well as the management of all your equipment (old and new).
  • Users have to be trained in order to exploit of the potential of Webtraffic. STERELA offers training in the use of the tool for end users, and specific training in Webtraffic customization for AVRs.