innovation et ingenierie electronique

Investment in research and innovation is permanent in Sterela.
Its R & D program accounts for over 12% of its turnover.

belongs to BPI FRANCE EXCELLENCE,the network of 2000's most innovative companies in France. (OSEO EXCELLENCE since 2000).

is part of SME Growth Plan to promote SMEs with high growth potential.

is involved in several collaborative research and development projects in France and Europe. These projects aim to meet current societal and technical issues with original and innovative solutions.

STERELA operates within these clusters (consisting of enterprises and complementary laboratories) by joining its areas of expertise and know-how in mechatronics development.. These innovative projects concern the four Strategic Business Areas of STERELA and comprise robotics, agricultural meteorology and Intelligent Transportation Solutions (ITS).

STERELA belongs to the Competitiveness poles AEROSPACE VALLEY  and  MOV'EO. And is a member of several clusters.


STERELA was selected by GIE EUMETNET for the provision of ship-borne weather stations as part of the European E-SURFMAR program.

The market that lasts for a period of 7 years will imply the supply of about 300 stations.

The future ship station EUCAWS enable the automation of the acquisition and transfer of meteorological parameters, and the homogenization of the AWS installed on European ships.
The inclusion of human weather observations will be possible thanks to the system "TurboWin".

Equipped with the latest technologies of the NEPTUNE system, EUCAWS opens a new era for the network of marine surface observations stations.



TurboWin :


Aircraft enhanced Inspection by smaRt & Collaborative ROBOT

Air Cobot aims to develop tools for new ways of visual inspection of facilities or industrial sites. It is an innovative demonstrator that will consist of non-destructive sensors mounted on a collaborative robot which is equipped with autonomous movement

This project is supported by Akka, in partnership with EADS IW 2MORO, M3 Systems, LAAS-CNRS, ARMINES and STERELA that provides its mobile robotic platform.


High Precision Weigh In Motion

Project supported by BPI France. HP WIM goal is to develop a WIM system architecture that is suited for worldwide use.

WIM Brazil

As part of STERELA's strategy in international development, WIM Brazil aims to demonstrate the potential of the WIM on the roads of Brazil.
This project is supported by STERELA, in partnership with the UFSC (Universidade Federal de Santa Catarina São Paulo).


Borne de Rechargement Intelligente et de Supervision d'Equipement

Set in the outdoor robotic applications, BRISE aims to develop a universal charging platform for any type of robot.

The terminal is intelligent in the sense that it guides the robot to it, adapts to the charging mode and downloads monitoring data from the robot while it is being charged.

This project specifically targets all applications where multiple robots are needed to ensure their mission on a 7/7 24/24 cycle.

project is supported by STRELA in partnership with Airod Technologies and ICAM Toulouse.