11 -15 June 2018 

Parc des Expositions de Paris Nord - Villepinte

STAND 5a-L730

Eurosatory, the international land and airland Defence and Security exhibition, takes place every two years in order to gather the whole offer and demand of the domains. It was created in its original form in 1967 and has never stopped evolving. Attendees’ number always increased, visitors as well as exhibitors.

The unquestionable quality of this n°1 international exhibition is based on four pillars:

  • International: Eurosatory brings together worldwide exhibitors, visitors and journalists
  • Business: Eurosatory offers to exhibitors, and also visitors, various services in order to help them to develop their commercial opportunities
  • Technologic showcase: Eurosatory presents in life-size numerous equipment and systems
  • A forum for ideas: Eurosatory supports exchanges of views about the evolution of Defence and Security between all the players of the domains. Many conferences are organised all along the exhibition.



SOFEX 2018

8 -10 May 2018 

SOFEX Jordan Exhibition, Al Hizam Al Daeri St 437, Amman

STAND 1-B125

SOFEX the Special Operations Forces Exhibition and Conference Organises an innovative world-class specialized defence exhibition SOFEX is the one of world's leading and fastest growing special operations forces, homeland security and counter terrorism exhibition and conference. SOFEX brings together small and medium sized companies as well as major international manufacturers to meet with key military and government decision makers from around the globe, with the fundamental purpose of providing governments with the ideal opportunity to find solutions on how to combat terrorism and to keep their countries safe. As well as offering the defence industry a wide array of potential clientele from the local, regional & international community.

Delegates attending SOFEX usually include heads of state, defence ministers, chiefs of armed forces, special operations commanders, Air force commanders and defence procurement directorates from across the region, and from every corner of the globe. The launching of new innovations and equipment is a regular feature at SOFEX ensuring an action packed event which is complemented by a wide range of tactical, live firing and vehicle mobility displays.

The conference encompasses a series of profuse and in depth topical seminars delivered by key military officials, decision makers from around the world who discuss issues that are fundamental to special operations and counter terrorism forces worldwide.

SOFEX attracts considerable attention worldwide and is covered by accredited journalists and media representatives from the world's leading publications and organizations.




Intertraffic 2018

20 - 23 March 2018 

Amsterdam, The Netherlands

STAND 12-802A

The traffic industry is undergoing major changes and developments are on a fast track. Experience the latest solutions for today's and tomorrow’s challenges with all the experts in the field. Discover the latest trends in infrastructure, traffic management, smart mobility, safety and parking!

Since its launch in 1972, Intertraffic Amsterdam has become the platform of choice for professionals from around the world to meet.

From 20 - 23 March 2018, market leaders and experts attend this must attend event to do business and get up to speed on the developments in the fields of infrastructure, traffic management, safety, parking and smart mobility. World leading companies and stakeholders demonstrate their latest solutions during the four-day exhibition with a focus on personal encounters.

The leading trade event for traffic technology professionals. Be part of the largest gathering of traffic and mobility professionals in the world!



IWA OutdoorClassics 2018

ATEC 2018 - Rencontres de la mobilité intelligente

24 - 25 Janvier 

Beffroi de Montrouge - Paris

STAND 07 (Salle Ginoux- RDC)

Les rencontres de la mobilité intelligente 2018

ATEC ITS France organise l’unique événement dédié à la mobilité intelligente en France.

Les 24 et 25 janvier 2018, aux portes de Paris (Beffroi de Montrouge), les Rencontres de la Mobilité Intelligente réuniront l’ensemble des acteurs du domaine pour présenter les dernières innovations, favoriser la rencontre entre donneurs d’ordre et fournisseurs de solution et encourager le déploiement de nouveaux projets.


Les objectifs

        • Rassembler les acteurs de l’exploitation durable des systèmes de transport terrestres et de la mobilité intelligente (acteurs économiques, politiques, institutionnels, scientifiques, et la presse)
        • Faciliter la mise en relation des experts : échanges professionnels, des connaissances et d’expériences
        • Présenter et promouvoir les dernières innovations du secteur, les produits et services ITS



Gulf Traffic 2017 - Dubai

4 -6 December

Dubai - Trade Centre Arena – Dubai World Trade Centre


Gulf Traffic was established in 2002 and has become the region's largest exhibition dedicated to Traffic Management, Parking, Road Safety, Construction and Smart City Technologies.

Gulf Traffic connects suppliers to buyers during our three-day exhibition which includes valuable networking opportunities. The conference programme is dedicated to bringing together thought leaders and influencers who help shape and evolve the region's development.

Gulf Traffic is dedicated to bringing the world's most exciting and forward thinking products to the Gulf region, to drive the mobility sector and to make cities smarter.




ITS World Congress 2017 (Montreal)

October 29 - November 2

Palais des congrès de Montréal (Canada)


The ITS World Congress 2017, produced by ITS America in conjunction with ITS Canada and co-organized by ITS Europe and ITS Asia-Pacific, brings together global leaders in intelligent and transformative transportation to showcase and evaluate the latest innovative concepts, active prototypes, and live systems. Academics, researchers, policymakers, businesses, entrepreneurs, investors, implementers, and the media—thousands of people from the transport, automotive, telecommunications, and technology sectors—will engage in robust discussions and spirited debates as to how this rapidly changing and ever-expanding industry is addressing the very real challenges facing our mobile, connected societies today and in the future.

The ITS World Congress 2017 exhibit hall will showcase the latest advances and solutions in an ITS market that is projected to reach 143 billion by 2020. The event will offer participants and companies—representing the entire spectrum of an ever-growing ITS world—unparalleled opportunities for B2B and B2G networking and business growth.




FED 2017

(18-19) Octobre

Versailles Satory (Paris)


Destinée  à  promouvoir  les  rencontres  professionnelles  des  acheteurs  de  la  Défense  et  de  leurs  fournisseurs potentiels dans le domaine du maintien en condition opérationnelle , la 15ème édition du  Forum Entreprises Défense (FED) se tiendra  les 18 et 19 octobre 2017 à  Versailles .

Co-organisé  par  la  SIMMT (Structure  intégrée  du  maintien  en  condition  opérationnelle  des  matériels  terrestres),  la  CCI  Paris  Ile – de – France et,  pour  la  première  année, en  partenariat  avec le  GICAT (Groupement  des  industries  françaises  de  défense  et  de  sécurité  terrestres  et  aéroterrestres),  cet événement incontournable rassemblera des  secteurs très diversifiés du MCO - T, mais aussi le BTP, la  logistique,  l’intelligence  artificielle,  l’énergie  renouvelable,  les  Télécommunications,  l’IT... tous  essentiels dans le maintien en condition opérationnelle des armées.

Des opportunités d’affaires réelles pour les entreprises privées !





(10-12) October


STAND 9055

Meteorological Technology World Expo is the must-attend event for any company or organisation looking for more accurate and next-generation weather forecasting and climate-change measurement technologies and services. Now in its seventh year, this truly global exhibition attracts around 200 exhibiting companies and 4,000 attendees from over 100 countries.

Meteorological Technology World Expo is a truly international exhibition of the very latest climate, weather and hydrometeorological forecasting, measurement and analysis technologies and service providers for a global community of key decision makers within the aviation industry, shipping companies, marine/port installations, airports, military operations, off-shore exploration companies, wind farm operators, met offices, agriculture operations and research institutes.




Inter Airport Europe 2017

10 -13 October

Munich Trade Fair (Germany)

STAND 1542

Inter airport Europe 2017, the 21st International Exhibition for Airport Equipment, Technology, Design and Services will open its gates at the Munich Trade Fair Centre in Germany. Industry experts from airports, airlines, air cargo carriers and aviation-support in demand of the latest equipment and tailor-made solutions for ground handling, terminal operations, airport IT and airport design visit inter airport Europe every two years to source the latest technology first hand. The show profile of inter airport Europe covers all areas of airport-related technology and services, and comprises four exhibition categories: interRAMP (ground support equipment), interTERMINAL (technical terminal installations and services), interDATA (specialised hardware and software) and interDESIGN (architecture and furnishings).

As the world’s leading airport exhibition, inter airport Europe 2017 will focus on the rising demand for digitalisation and automation systems. This trend offers immense business potential for the airport industry and sets new standards which will lead to increased efficiency and improved passenger experience in the future. Live demonstrations of new products and innovations are a key feature of inter airport Europe, the world’s largest platform for the airport industry. A series of conferences and workshops will once again run alongside the show, focussing on key challenges and future developments within the airport industry.





(16-18) Mai


Innorobo est un sommet européen entièrement dédié aux technologies robotiques et aux innovations de rupture qui répondent aux enjeux sociétaux majeurs.

Il réunit un vaste écosystème d’affaires, composé de leaders et décideurs de grands groupes et de start-up, de centres de recherche et de formation, d’institutions publiques et de fournisseurs de technologies ou de services, d’investisseurs et des médias.

À Innorobo, des dirigeants d’un grand nombre d’industries viennent découvrir les dernières innovations technologiques, pour les tourner en avantage concurrentiel et saisir les opportunités de croissance.






(28-30) Mars

Camp de Souge - FRANCE

STAND :  D28

Le Special Operations Forces Innovation Network Seminar (SOFINS) est un concept inédit visant à développer les synergies en matière d'équipements entre forces spéciales, industriels et monde de la recherche.

Organisé sur le camp militaire de Souge, le SOFINS permet d'exposer des matériels et équipements innovants alliés à des démonstrations grandeur nature et des tests en conditions réelles au plus près de la réalité opérationnelle.


>> Salon SOFINS 2017



IDEX 2017

ShieldAfrica 2017

Rencontres de la Mobilité Intelligente 2017









Milipol 2016


是著名的参与者创新产品和服务的演示质量的专业性,并涵盖公共和工业安全的各个领域。 MILIPOL卡塔尔的入口点在海湾地区的所有市场,并允许主要业界厂商蓬勃发展的环境适应和完成经济和战略项目或长期的。



SIANE 2016

Siane 2016



- 金工
- 工业用品
- 工业服务
- 材料加工
- 电力 - 电子
- 机械工程
- 包装 - 物流
- 机床
- 新技术




(27-29) SEPTEMBRE 2016                                   MADRID - SPAIN

气象科技世界博览会(Meteorological Technology World Expo)是寻找更准确及下一代的气象预报和气候变化测量技术与服务的任何公司或组织不可错过的业内盛会。第六年际,这个真正全球性的展会吸引逾150家 参展企业和来自70多个国家的2500余名参加者。

Meteorological Technology World Expo参与者包括气候、气象和水文气象预测、测量与分析的最新技术及服务供应商,专为全球航空业、运输业、航海/港口设备、飞机场、军事运营商、离岸勘探公司、风力田运营商、气象办公室、农业运营商及研究所主要决策者举办,是真正的国际展销会。





Eurosatory 2016



- 整个地球的产业链从原材料到分包商,到成品建筑大师产品

- 最新的技术和创新1500年的武器系统,车辆,技术,军事装备和器材

- 外部动态演示和各种研讨会和会议

- 约会与专家国际化发展战略会议



(5-8) APRIL 2016                                   RAI AMSTERDAM - NETHERLANDS


INTERTRAFFIC阿姆斯特丹是關鍵會議平台,市場和知識中心,為世界各地的企業和業務的專業人士。來自42個國家,廣泛的知識和程序,從各利益相關方的承諾約800家參展商,INTERTRAFFIC阿姆斯特丹是全球領先的兩年一次的貿易展覽會為交通行業。此次展會面積56000多平方米的展覽空間,並歡迎代表25,000 128個國家參觀的專業人士。



ATEC 2016

(26-27) JANVIER 2016                                   BEFFROI DE MONTROUGE-PARIS

Le Congrès ATEC ITS France propose un format idéal pour des échanges business efficaces : une organisation professionnelle, une ambiance conviviale et des invités pertinents.


Tous les ingrédients nécessaires pour faire de ces 2 jours un évènement essentiel pour renforcer votre réseau.

2         70         100        1400

La 42ème édition a vu converger en 2015 plus de 1400 VISITEURS de tous secteurs  

Les objectifs

    • Rassembler les acteurs de l’exploitation durable des systèmes de transport terrestres et de la mobilité intelligente (acteurs économiques, politiques, institutionnels, scientifiques, et la presse)
    • Faciliter la mise en relation des experts : échanges professionnels, des connaissances et d’expériences
    • Présenter et promouvoir les dernières innovations du secteur, les produits et services ITS

Le format

    • Des rencontres : plus de 1400 participants sur deux jours sur le thème de la mobilité intelligent
    • Un congrès : plus de 90 conférences, tables rondes, événements officiels
    • Plus de 70 exposants représentant les acteurs publics ou privés du secteur


Le public attendu

Les décideurs
Les acteurs de l’innovation
– Collectivités territoriales et leurs regroupements
– Gestionnaires et délégataires des autoroutes du
ferroviaire, des transports publics et des ports fluviaux

– Entreprises du secteur
– Centres et laboratoires de recherche
– Ecoles, universités
– Pôle de compétitivité
– Etat, Réseaux scientifique et techniques




ITS in Poland 2015

(3) DECEMBRE 2015                                   WARSAW-POLAND

Intelligent Transport Systems Association ITS POLAND has the pleasure to invite you to a seminar on. "New technologies and their application in automatic supervision over road traffic and prospects for the development of infrastructure control and measurement equipment in Poland", which will be held on 3 December 2015. In Warsaw.

This meeting will be an excellent opportunity to familiarize themselves with the current offer manufacturers of ITS components and a platform for exchange of opinions in the context of the potential for the use of equipment presented in Polish conditions.
During the scheduled speeches company representatives and invited institutions will be presented previous experience in the use of equipment to improve safety, as well as prospects for the development of automated system of supervision over road traffic in the coming years.

Particular emphasis will be placed on a discussion that will allow you to develop a vision for the future of automatic control behavior of drivers in Poland, as a key element in the efforts undertaken to eliminate the most serious threats to the health or life of road users. In parallel to the presentation and discussion are planned demonstration booth manufacturers measuring devices.




(17-20) NOVEMBER 2015                                   PARIS-VILLEPINTE

Milipol Paris 2015 will once again confirm its place as the world’s leading security exhibition and will welcomeall of the industry's key players. Purchasers, suppliers and experts will all be there to discuss new security issues and discover new technologies.

Governmental concerns will also be addressed: combating terrorism, protecting citizens, ensuring safe cities, providing local security and protecting against major risks will be at the heart of the debate.

The industry's top performing companies will present their products and innovations. Among the products presented, a special focus will be on new information, observation, surveillance, prevention and warning systems.

Milipol Paris presents in a single exhibition the know-how and innovations of every theme of internal State security.

  • Data protection - Information and Communication systems
  • Economic and Industrial Intelligence
  • Systems integration
  • Risk analysis and management
  • CBRN
  • Civil Defence
  • Forensic science services
  • Law enforcement
  • Anti-terrorism – Special Forces
  • Protection of industrial and sensitive sites
  • Fight against organised crime
  • Security of public places – Urban Security
  • Transport security
  • Port and airport security – Border control
  • Road safety
  • Security of financial systems
  • Prison sector
  • Oil and gas sector




13,14,15日 10月 2015年                                  布鲁塞尔

气象科技世界博览会(Meteorological Technology World Expo)是寻找更准确及下一代的气象预报和气候变化测量技术与服务的任何公司或组织不可错过的业内盛会。进入第四年之际,这个真正全球性的展会吸引逾150家参展企业和来自70多个国家的2500余名参加者。

Meteorological Technology World Expo参与者包括气候、气象和水文气象预测、测量与分析的最新技术及服务供应商,专为全球航空业、运输业、航海/港口设备、飞机场、军事运营商、离岸勘探公司、风力田运营商、气象办公室、农业运营商及研究所主要决策者举办,是真正的国际展销会。




(6-9) 十月 2015                                   MUNICH

为将整个机场行业发展成为具有先进的一站式服务项目,当需要采购机场设备、技术和为地勤作业、终端操作、机场 IT 和机场设计提供服务时,本次欧洲国际机场展就是机场管理者的首选。来自机场、航 空公司、航空货运公司和航空服务的专业人士,在机场各区给供应商展现一个独特的营销平台。




(5-9) OCTOBER 2015                                   BORDEAUX

The ITS Congress and Exhibition is the world's largest event in intelligent transport systems and services. Through the main theme “Towards Intelligent Mobility – Better Use of Space”, the Bordeaux Congress will focus not only on how achieving intelligent mobility will change our lives but also on the benefits space can bring to ITS applications.

Since 1994, the ITS Congress has grown phenomenally. We now expect more than 3,500 Congress delegates, 300 exhibitors and 10,000 visitors coming from more than 100 countries, to exchange, debate and build networks of partnerships during the Congress. Additionally those present at the 25,0000 m² of Exhibition hall attend more than 20 live demonstrations and participate in the technical visits.




(1-3) JULY 2015                                   LYON

Innorobo, renowned as Europe’s only international event 100% dedicated to robotics and all disruptive innovations from around the world, showcases technological innovations that offer solutions to today’s and tomorrow’s societal challenges.

It brings together a vast ecosystem of decision makers, from researchers to directors of large groups, to educational leaders, institutions, the media and start-ups.

At Innorobo, leaders from all industries pick up on the latest innovations and turn them into market advantages and new growth opportunities.

Innorobo takes place in the beautiful city of Lyon, France from Wednesday 01 trough Friday July 03, 2015, at the Cité Internationale – Centre des Congrès. 50, Quai Charles de Gaulle 69006 LYON – FRANCE Latitude: 45.7851676 – Longitude: 4.8528885


» 观看影片


(1-3) JUIN 2015                                   GENEVA

Meteohydex, the Exhibition of Meteorological and Hydrological Instruments and Equipment will take place from 1st to 3rd June 2015 at the International Conference Centre of Geneva (CICG).

The World Meteorological Organization (WMO) has appointed PALEXPO to organize Meteohydex 2015, which will be held in conjunction with the 17th World Meteorological Congress taking place at the CICG from 25th May to 12th June 2015. This unique showcase exhibition provides a global overview of the very latest meteorological and hydrological instruments and equipment available, and brings together both manufacturers and the WMO Permanent Representatives attending the Congress.


Salon FED 2015

(20-21) MAY 2015                                    VERSAILLES-SATORI


Since its creation the FED has facilitated the linkage between buyers of Defense and the world of business. The Defense Enterprise Forum (FED) has emerged as the must-appointment of stakeholders. Since 2011, with the creation of the SIMMT, the forum took a cross-armed dimension.

Participate in FED (the real leverage customer relationship) is the guarantee to open your market opportunities, meet the highest French military authorities and understand the needs of procurement services present, whether the Ministry of Defence or major customers.


SOT-8 Eighth Session of the JCOMM Ship Observations Team (SOT)

NLSE Conference (NATO Logistics Stock Exchange)

(14-16) APRIL 2015                                    GERMANY


The NATO Logistics Stock Exchange (NLSE) is a web-based electronic marketplace containing logistics data about materiel, information on customers' stockholdings, and on present/future requirements.

The NLSE was founded in 2000 and financed by the COMMIT Partnership. It was developed by NSPA (NATO Support Agency) to assist customers and suppliers in implementing Cooperative Logistics concepts for item acquisition and management. The NLSE provides joint asset visibility to facilitate the redistribution of materiel between customers.

In addition, the NLSE supports different User Group activities in joint/common logistics management of different equipments. More specifically through the establishment of material within eCat1 contracts.

The principle objective is to bring together all the users (i.e. Suppliers and National Representatives) to promote networking through the NLSE.

  • Securing for up to 5 years a Quality Supply Source
  • Interoperability between armed forces
  • Potential for long-term agreements
  • Increase business opportunities
  • Access to new markets
  • Promote a better understanding of the NLSE System and the new developments which are being incorporated

The NSPA uses the Defense EXPO to make contact with qualified companies to further open markets for the necessary procurements. The NLSE brings together suppliers and buyers and improves communication.


Ocean Business 2015

(14-16) AVRIL 2015                                    UK


Ocean Business is an international ocean technology exhibition and training forum expecting to attract more than 4000 visitors from over 60 countries.

Ocean Business 2015 will take place at the National Oceanography Centre in Southampton, Hampshire. The Ocean Business exhibition attracts over 300 companies representing the world's leading ocean technology suppliers and service providers and it runs alongside a three-day programme of hands-on training and demonstration workshops, both dockside and at sea, enabling buyers to test drive equipment before buying.
In addition, Ocean Business offers Offshore Survey, a two day conference addressing the technical and business issues facing the global field of offshore surveying and Ocean Careers, a three day event providing advice on career opportunities within the ocean technology, marine science and offshore industries.


Salon IDEX - Abu Dhabi


(27-28) JANUARY 2015                                    PARIS


The key event of the actors of mobility is organized on 27 and 28 January 2015 in Paris at the Belfry Montrouge by the association ATEC ITS France.

42nd Congress ATEC ITS France, True place of exchange and debate, combining both an exhibition and conferences, with over a thousand actors of mobility:
Policy makers, State and Local authorities, technology providers, equipment and systems, operators and transport companies, Investors, Planners and engineering companies, research organizations, schools and laboratories ... _


AFMEX 2015

(21) JANUARY 2015                                    LE MANS


STERELA participates in AFMEX Show, the largest meeting place for professionals of Agronomic Research in France.

The major innovations in 2015 concerning terrestrial and aerial robotics. A demonstration of the all-terrain robotic platform 4mob will be presented.

The French Association for Agricultural Mechanization in Experimentation (AFMEX) organizes his salon at Le Mans Exhibition Center. Wednesday, January 21st, from 9:00 to 17:00.

Useful information on

Le Mans exhibition center is located in avenue du Parc des Expositions, 72058 LE MANS.